Resignation of Isaac Avery as Overseer of the Groton Pequot Indians

May It Please Your Excellency
I was appointed Overseer to the Pequot Tribe of Indians in the Town of Groton in October 1797, which I now request to be dismissed from and that another may be appointed in my stead and be empowered to adjust and settle my account with said tribe.[1]
Preston, September 20, 1811
Isaac Avery's Resignation as Overseer of the Pequot Tribe of Indians.  Accepted Upper House.  Concurred House of Representatives.  Excellency Roger Griswold, Esq., Governor Connecticut, New Haven
Legislative Action:
October Session 1811.  In the Upper House,  the above resignation is accepted.  Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary.  In the House of Representative, concurred.  Attest, Charles Denison, Clerk
Governor Griswold, General Assembly
37a-d, 47

[1] The General Assembly chose Ebenezer Morgan of Groton to replace Avery.  PRSC, Vol. 15, 264.