Copy of Enoch Coffin's Judgement against John Myers

Dukes County


At a Court had before me, Enoch Coffin, Esq., one of His Majesty’s Justices of said Peace for said County on the 9th day of March Anno Domini 1740 on the Complaint of James Claghorn of Edgartown in the County aforesaid, mariner, against John Myers of the town and county aforesaid, laborer, and is for that the said John Myers did on the 8th day of March instant receive at sundry times goods from and entertain his, the said Claghorn's servant Peleg Nosson, and on the 8th day of March instant did receive several quarts of rum from him, the said Peleg, as may at large appear by the writ on file, and the said John Myers, being put on his trial, pleaded not guilty and upon hearing the evidences and considering the pleas and allegations of both parties, do order and sentence the said John Myers to pay unto James Claghorn the complainant the sum as one pound and two shillings for the rum he took or received from the said Peleg Norton, servant to the said James Claghorn, and cost of prosecution, being the sum of seventeen shillings and to stand committed until sentence be performed from which judgment the delinquent appealed unto His Majesty's next Court of General Sessions of the Peace but refused to enter into bond as the law directs.


Enoch Coffin



A true copy of that on file.  Compared per Enoch Coffin, Justice of the Peace