Petition of William Hunt, John Adams, and Ebenezer Copeland, Selectmen of Braintree, to the Massachusetts General Court

Province of the Massachusetts Bay


To His Excellency William Shirley, Esq., Captain General and Governour in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England and to the Honourable His Majesty's Council in Council Assembled at Boston, February 8, 1743


Humbly sheweth William Hunt, John Adams, and Ebenezer Copeland, Selectmen of Braintree, that Daniel Allen, an Indian man who was no settled inhabitant in any town in this Province, and who had been some considerable time in the Government's service in the quality of a soldier at Fort George eastward under the command of Benjamin Larrabee was, during his being in said service, rendered so infirm that said Larrabee discharged him his service on September 4, 1741, upon which, he having some friends at the Cape, directed his course that way, but so it happened when he had travelled as far as Braintree, his infirmities increased so fast that he was unable to travel further, and on December 2, 1741, he then being at the house of Thomas Crosby in Braintree, said Crosby by direction of the then Selectmen, said town took care of him and he continued there in a very languishing condition for ten weeks, wanting three days, and died, during which time the necessary expense in watching and other attendance with his funeral charges amounted to four pounds eleven shillings and seven pence halfpenny now in as much as the charge aforesaid that has arise to the town aforesaid on account of said Daniel Allen is a charge that properly belongs to the Province to pay.  Your petitioners, therefore, humbly pray Your Excellency and Honours would give such direction in the premises as to the law and justice appertains.


And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray,


Joseph Gooch per petitioners


Legislative Action:

Examined and allowed per the Committee, J.B. £4.11.7½ legal money / to the Committee for Accounts / Allowed / £4.11.7 ½ legal money / Allowed in Committee / April 27, 1744


Selectmen of Braintree Petition, 1743 Committed


90.2 – / 2 0.1 / 1.0.6 [ illegible calculations ]