Resolve on the Petition of Michael Bacon to the Massachusetts General Court

State of the Massachusetts Bay


To Michael Bacon of Needham



To boarding and nursing Alexander Queppish, a poor Indian belonging to said state, from November 15, 1775 to March 23, 1776, being eighteen weeks @ 6 shillings/6 pence per week

£ £ 5 .17.00

To a coffin for said Indian


To digging his grave



Michael Bacon





We, the subscribers, hereby certify that we are knowing to the abovenamed Alexander Queppish, being sick and dying at Mr. Michael Bacon's, and believe the above to be a just and true account and ought to be allowed, Robert Fuller, Timothy Newell, Amos Fuller, Selectmen of Needham

Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives, May 10, 1777.  On the petition of Michael Bacon, resolved that there be allowed and paid out of the Public Treasury to Michael Bacon the sum of six pounds, eight shillings in full discharge of the within account and that the sum of two pounds fourteen shillings and seven pence of said sum which was due to said Alexander Queppish on Captain Daniel Whiting['s] muster roll in Colonel Jonathan Brewer's Regiment shall be paid to said Bacon as part of said sum, and the Treasurer is directed to pay the same accordingly.  Sent up for concurrence. In Council, May 10, 1777.  Read, etc. Concurred, Joseph Warren, Speaker.  Consented to, John Avery, Deputy Secretary

Jabez Fisher, Moses Gill, Benjamin White, E. Thayer, Jr., Henry Gardner, Francis Dana, William Phillips, Jeremiah Powell, Artemas Ward, Caleb Cushing, J. Cushing, Richard Derby, Samuel Holten / Warrant drawn, February 13, 1778 / John Winthrop, Dummer Sewall


Michael Bacon's Account.  Resolve of a grant of £ 6:8 to Michael Bacon. May 10, 1777


     Recorded, page 292.


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