Petition of Michael Bacon to the Massachusetts General Court

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives of the State of the Massachusetts Bay, Etc.


The petition of Michael Bacon of Needham in the County of Suffolk, yeoman, humbly sheweth that one Alexander Queppish, a poor Indian belonging to this State, who was taken sick in the army near Cambridge and was dismissed,1 came to the house of your petitioner in said Needham in a suffering condition the 15th day of November 1775, and remained there sick until the 23rd day of March 1776 and then died, and, as your petitioner was at great trouble and charge in boarding, nursing, and burying said Indian,2 he humbly prays Your Honour to take his case into your wise consideration and allow his account therefore which he hath charged at a very low rate, and order him to be paid the same out of the Public Treasury.


And as in duty bound shall ever pray,


Michael Bacon

Needham, July 1776



Michael Bacon's Petition

Legislative Action:

Mr. Ellis / Mr. Abbot / Mr. Fiske


  • 1. Bacon and Queppish may have know each other from their military service. They served together in Daniel Whiting's Company of Colonel Jonathan Brewer's 13th Massachusetts Regiment.
  • 2. Queppish was buried in Needham's 100-acre Indian Burial Ground, where several other Native soldiers were interred.   Jack Darrel Crowder, African Americans and American Indians in the Revolutionary War (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2019), 195-196.