Queppish, Alexander, - 1776

Born in Yarmouth, Massachusetts around 1741, Alexander Queppish was a member of the Mashpee Indian community.  He married Sarah David in 1767 and had at least one daughter, Alice.  After Sarah's death in 1774, Queppish enlisted in Captain Daniel Whiting's Company of Colonel Jonathan Brewer's 13th Massachusetts Regiment.  He fought at Bunker Hill, his unit being positioned in an open field on the left side of the redoubt. Queppish also joined Lt. Colonel Loammi Baldwin's 26th Continental Regiment, which was stationed at Boston.  During that service, he took sick at Cambridge and was taken to the home of Michael Bacon in Needham, where he died on March 23, 1776.  Queppish was buried with other Native Revolutionary War soldiers in the 100-acre Indian burial ground in that town. Jack Darrel Crowder, African Americans and American Indians in the Revolutionary War (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2019), 195-196.  Petition of Michael Bacon, 1776.07.00

c. 1741
March 23, 1776