Resolve on the Petition of John Konkapot to the Massachusetts General Court

[1]Commonwealth of Massachusetts, In Senate, June 20, 1781

The Committee of both Houses appointed on the petitions of John Konkapot[2] beg leave to report by way of Resolve, Cotton Tufts per order


Whereas John Konkapot, an Indian instructor, was employed for near six months as a schoolmaster amongst the Indian children in Stockbridge and by reason of the Company in England for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England having protested the bills of exchange drawn by their Commissioners, in [3] this Commonwealth, the said John is to this day unpaid for his service, and as the said John is become poor, and the said Commissioners have nothing wherewith to pay him, and the said John, also having been in the town of Boston for some days soliciting Help from this Court and not having wherewith to pay his expenses as set forth in his second petition.  


Therefore, resolved that the prayer of the petition be granted and that the Treasurer of this Commonwealth be and he hereby is directed to pay unto John Konkapot in full for his services as set forth in his petition of June 7, 1781, the sum of twenty-eight pounds, two shillings, and sixpence money of the new Empire and the further sum of ten pounds new money for the purpose set forth in his petition of the 19th instant.  


Legislative Action:

Read and accepted. Sent down for concurrence, Samuel Adams, President.  In the House of Representatives, June 20, 1781. Read and concurred, Nathaniel Gorham, Speaker. Approved, John Hancock


Konkpot / Senate




[1] Deleted Text: Day L

[2] Petition of John Ponkapot, 1781.06.19.00 and 1781.06.19.01

[3] Deleted Text:  New England