Petition of John Konkapot to the Massachusetts General Court


The Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Humbly shews John Konkapot of Stockbridge in the County of Berkshire that your petitioner is one of the Indian Tribe at Stockbridge aforesaid, that he has a petition now before this Honorable Court,[1] praying for reasons set forth in said petition that an allowance may be granted him for teaching the children of the tribe of Indians aforesaid for the term of six months; that your petitioner has been waiting in this town[2] almost a week with his wife; that he has no money to defray the expense of his board while he has been in town, nor for supporting himself and his wife on their journey home. Your petitioner, therefore, prays that Your Honors in your great liberality would grant him a sum of money sufficient to enable to pay the necessary expense he has been at while he has been in this town and to enable him to proceed on his journey home.


And as in duty bound shall ever pray,


John Konkapot

June 19, 1781


Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives, June 19, 1781.  Read and ordered to be committed to the Committee who have in charge the petition of Isaac Smith, Esq.  Sent up for concurrence, Nathaniel Gorham, Speaker. In Senate, June 20, 1781. Read and concurred. Samuel Adams, President




[1] See Petition of John Konkapot, 1781.06.19.01

[2] Konkapot was in Boston, Massachusetts.