Petition of Roland Cotton to the Massachusetts General Court

To the Honorable Thomas Hutchinson Esq.,  Lieutenant Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, to the Honorable the Council and the Honorable the House of Representatives in General  Court Assembled,  June 4, 1760
Humbly shews John Squam, Aaron Moses, Benjamin Wicket, Indians,  and Moses Jackson [ crossout ], servants to Benjamin Chadwick,  that they enlisted into His Majesty’s service in the campaign the last year for the total Reduction of Canada and were unhappily put under the command of Lieutenant Joseph Ingley of Taunton and were constrained by him without any valuable consideration to sign orders upon the Province Treasurer to receive their respective wages.
That the said Ingley, in consequence of said orders, received their wages and refuses to pay them any part thereof.  So that they have lost all their wages for last year’s service.  For, if the same could be recovered at common law your petitioners are poor Indians and have no might, no money, no capacity to prosecute him.  And as the Great and General Court are our guardians, we humbly pray your kind interposition on our behalf and not suffer us your poor petitioners, though Indians,  to be so abused as to be undone with extreme poverty.
And your poor petitioners as in duty bound, etc. 
R. Cotton, for and at the desire of the petitioners
Legislative Action:
Petition of Poor Indians / Roland Cotton, Esq., June 4, 1760
In the House of Representatives, June 19,  1760, Read and ordered that Colonel Choates, Jonathan Lancaster, and Colonel Williams, with such as the Honorable Board shall appoint, be a committee to take this petition under consideration and make report as soon as may be.  The said committee are hereby empowered to send for the within named Lieutenant Joseph Ingley before them to give answer to the complaint mentioned,  Sent up for concurrence, James Otis, Speaker  /  In Council, June 19, 1760, Read and concurred and William Brattle and Gamaliel Bradford, Esq.’s are joined in the affair, A.  Oliver, Secretary   /  Consented to T. Hutchinson