Petition of Isaac Nautumpum and Others to the Massachusetts General Court

To His Excellency, Thomas Pownall,  Esq.,  Captain, General, and Commander, in and over His Majesty’s Province of  the Massachusetts Bay in New England.
To the Honourable His Majesty’s Council and the House of Representatives in the Great and General Court of said Province. 
We, your humble petitioners, beg leave to shew that, whereas the Honourable Commissioners of the Society in London for Propagating the Gospel in New England, from a tender regard to our best interests, have sent us the Reverend Gideon Hawley, and to our great satisfaction have settled him with us as our pastor.  It is agreeable to us that the said Hawley should have a spot of land belonging to our propriety,1 viz. five acres for a house lot, which we pray we may be enabled to give and convey the fee of to said Hawley and to his heirs and assigns forever.
We also petition that the said Gideon Hawley, during his ministry among us, may have the sole use and improvement of a quantity of land belonging to our propriety not exceeding thirty acres that is cleared.
We also petition that the said Gideon Hawley, during his ministry among us,  may have the use of such a quantity of our marsh as he may yearly mow not exceeding five tons of good hay and that he may during his ministry among us be allowed to fetch his firewood of from our propriety.
And your humble petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.
In the name and behalf of the rest of the Indian proprietors of Mashpee
Sias Peter, his mark
Jacob Nautumpum, his mark
Sias Popmonet, his mark
Micah Nautumpum, his mark
Joseph Suncasin, his mark
Jacob Keeter, his mark
Mashpee, September 5, 1758 at a meeting of the proprietors legally called
We, the subscribers, guardians to the petitioners, are of opinion that the complying with the prayer thereof so far as to grant to the Reverend Mr. Gideon Hawley the lands and other privileges therein prayed for is reasonable and necessary in order to his comfortable subsistence and support in the work of the ministry with said Indians.
                                                                   Silvanus Bourne
                                                                   Edward  Bacon
Legislative Action:
In the House of Representatives, January 10,1759, Read and ordered, That the prayer of this petition be granted; and that the said Indians of Mashpee be, and they hereby are empowered to make and execute a good and sufficient deed of conveyance in the law of five acres of the lands belonging to their propriety to their said pastor the Rev. Mr. Gideon Hawley to accommodate him with a convenient home lot; and to grant him the sole use and improvement of thirty acres of their said lands, that are cleared, and to allow him to improve such quantity of the salt marsh belonging to them as that he may mow yearly five tons of good hay; and further to allow him to cut his firewood off from their said propriety during the time he shall continue in the ministry among them; and the whole affair to be under the conduct and direction of the guardians of the said Indians, Sent up for concurrence, T. Hubbard, Speaker / In Council, January 15,1759, Read and concurred, A. Oliver, Secretary / Consented to T. Pownall
Petition of Mashpee Indians, September 5, 1758 / January 9, 1759, Ruggles, Cotton, Stone, Report: verbal,  accepted and the petition granted and the A[illegible ] to conducted by the guardians / No fees
  • 1. Deleted text: not exceeding