Letter of John Davis to Frederick Baylies



By a vote of the Corporation of Harvard College past in July last, you were appointed to preach to the Indians at Chappaquiddick and to perform other religious services among them for six months after you shall receive notice of such appointment, to receive for compensation five dollars per week.[2]

The Corporation were informed that you had occasionally performed services of that description among that people to general acceptance and were led to suppose that you would not be unwilling to undertake the duty above mentioned. Of your determination on this head, you are requested to advise me. I have also to request of you some account and the more minute the better of your past services in preaching to these people, or instructing their children, that the Corporation may be enabled to determine on some compensation on that account.

The information which they have received has induced a belief that you have just claims to an allowance for your attention to those poor people, but some specification is necessary to enable them to come to a satisfactory decision on that subject.

Your obedient servant,

John Davis

Treasurer, Harvard College

Boston, September 8, 1810


Mr. Frederick Baylies






[1] This letter was one of the two letters forwarded by Frederic Baylies to James Walker on December 25, 1835.  See 1835.12.25.00/

[2] See Mandell, Tribe, Race, History, 111.