Petition of Lydia Squinn to the Massachusetts General Court

1To His Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., Captain General and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, to The Honourable His Majesty's Council and The  Honourable House of Representatives in General Court Assembled at Cambridge, the 8th of April 1772

The petition of Lydia Squinn, Indian woman of Middleborough in the County of Plymouth, etc., humbly sheweth that she is justly indebted to Mr. John Fry of said town, yeoman, and had about five acres and three-quarters of land lying near to said Fry's, all of wild land and he had agreed with her to allow her what may be thought acceptable.  Now your petitioner humbly prays Your Excellency and Honours to enable her to sell said lot of land under the inspection of her guardian or otherwise to enable her to pay her honest and just debts or order the same as Your Excellency and Honours in your great wisdom shall think best.

And your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray,

Lydia Squinn
Dated at Middleborough, January 6, 1772

Legislative Action

We, the subscribers, guardians to the Indians in the County of Plymouth, have made inquiry into the grounds of this petition and judge the granting of the prayer thereof advisable, Josiah EatonNathaniel Smith



  • 1. This property may have been at Betty's Neck, where Lydia resided on the Tuspaquin ancestral property. Peirce, Indian History, Biography, and Genealogy, 214.