Report of Committee regarding Petition of the Heirs of Simon Wicket to Governor Belcher and the Massachusetts General Court

The Committee appointed to consider the petition of the Indian (Proprietors of Oyster Island), [have met] and considered the same are of opinion that the heirs of Daniel Parker, Esq., who have said island in possession be served with a copy of said petition to show cause, if any, they have on the first Tuesday of the next May Session of this Court why the prayer thereof may not be granted, and that the petition be referred till that time which is humbly submitted in the name and per order of the Committee.  Melatiah Bourne.  In Council. December 24, 1737.  Read and accepted and the petition above mentioned is referred accordingly.  Sent down for concurrence.  Simon Frost, Deputy Secretary.  In the House of Representatives.  December 24, 1737.  Read and concurred.  John Quincy,  Speaker. December 27, 1737.  Consented to [Jonathan Belcher]


illegible  ] Indians' Petition to the General Court.  [1] December 27, 1737


In the Jurisdiction of Barnstable March 1, 1738 / Notified (as within mentioned) pursuant to the order [2] the heirs of Daniel Parker, Esq., deceased, by leaving an attended copy with them. Fees one pound ten shillings no pence. Shubael Gorham, Sheriff


216, 216a


[1] Deleted Text:   January 2, 1738

[2] Deleted Text: I left the copy of the petition as