Waite, Henry, 1787 - 1869

Born in Lyme, Connecticut, Henry Matson Waite was a graduate of Yale College (1809)  who later taught school in Fairfield County.  He studied law with Matthew Griswold and was admitted to the bar in 1812.  After a brief time practice in Middletown, Waite opened an office in Lyme.  He was elected representative for that town to the General Assembly in 1815 and 1826 and served in the Senate in 1830 and 1831.   Three years later in 1834, Waite became a judge of the Superior Court.  In 1854, he was appointed chief justice.  Hurd, History of New London County, 44-45.  Image from Hurd, before p. 45.

February 9, 1787
December 14, 1869