Storrs, William Lucius, 1795 - 1861

A graduate of Yale College in 1814, William Lucius Storrs was admitted to the bar and opened a practice in his hometown, Middletown, Connecticut three years later.  He was elected to the House of Representatives from 1827-1829, 1834, serving as speaker in that last year.  He was elected to the United State House of Representatives in 1829, reelected in 1838, and resigned in 1840 to serve as a judge in the Connecticut Superior Court.  From 1857 to 1861 he was chief justice.  Storrs taught law at Wesleyan University (1841-1846) and at Yale.  He died at his residence at Harford from a bilious fever which ended in typhoid. Frederick C. Hicks, Yale Law School: From the Founders to Dutton 1845-1869 (New Haven, CT; Yale University Press, 1936), 24.

March 25, 1795
June 25, 1861