Simons, John Mason (Pequot)

John Mason Simon (-1822) was the son of Emanuel Simons and Mary Occom.  He married Lucy Wampy in Groton, Connecticut on November 27, 1794. They removed to Oneida, New York with his father, where Simon was chosen the Brothertown community's marshal in 1801.  Three years later, he received lots 107 and 108.  In 1811, Simons returned to New England, where his name appears on a petition supporting the appointment of Colonel Isaac Avery as an overseer to the Groton Pequots.  After his death in 1822, he was survived by his wife Lucy.  The couple had several children, Esther, Sarah, Emeline, and Moses.  Love, Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England, 361. Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 375, 376.  Statement of Samuel Mott as to His Guardianship of the Groton Pequot Indians, 1811.05.00.00.

c. 1822