Mott, Samuel, 1736 - 1813

General Samuel Mott (October 31, 1736-May 18, 1813) was the son of Jonathan Mott of Westerly, Rhode Island.  He removed to Preston, Connecticut in 1747.  In the spring of 1775, the Connecticut Legislature appointed him an engineer with the rank of lieutenant colonel to serve under Generals Schuyler and Montgomery in the Northern campaign at Ticonderoga and Crown Point.  In the fall, he served as chief engineer at the siege of St. Johns, Canada.  The following year, Mott returned to Preston, where he became colonel of the Colony's forces. Mott later served as a justice of the peace and town selectman.  On May 8, 1792, Beulah, a black woman, died at Mott's house.  In May of 1798,the Connecticut General Assembly appointed Mott as a replacement for Major Nathan Peters as an Overseer of the Pequots at Groton.  He served until 1812.  General Mott died in Preston, Connecticut on May 16, 1813. Find A Grave. Johnson, Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service during the War of the Revolution, 38, 389. Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 468.  PRSC, Vol. 9: 191.

October 31, 1736
May 18, 1813