King, Daniel, 1791 - 1864

Dr. Daniel King (January 27, 1791-November 13, 1864) was the son of John King and Jane Knight of Mansfield, Connecticut.  He was a physician in Groton and provided services for the Pequots during his residence there.  By 1830, King had removed to Charlestown, Rhode Island.  In 1850, he and his wife lived in Taunton, Massachusetts then moved to Cranston, Rhode Island by 1864,  Dr. King died when he was 73 in Greenville, Rhode Island and buried in Preston, Connecticut.  Find A Grave (Brewster Cemetery, Preston, CT).  Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (Groton, 1820), of Rhode Island (Charlestown, 1830, 1840), of Massachusetts (Taunton, 1850), Ancestry.

January 27, 1791
November 13, 1864