Hue, Nabby, - 1827

When a State of Connecticut Committee came to the Eastern Pequot Reservation in May of 1815 Abigail, or Nabby, Hue was enumerated as one the tribe in a household consisting of two adults and no children. A year later she is listed as one of a number of Eastern Pequots receiving benefits from the renting of pasture land on the Lantern Hill reservation. Nabby Hue appeared numerous times in the records of the state appointed overseers for the Tribe from 1822 until her death in the summer of 1827.  She received goods and services through the tribe as well as her share in the leasing of tribal lands.   Copy of the Appointment and Report of a Committee to Evaluate the State and Condition of Tribes in the State of Connecticut, IP 2.1.19, 1815.05.00.01;   Memorandum of Stock Allowed in Indian Town Pasture, 1816.06.01.00, ICRC; NLC :PbS, Indians, Eastern Pequot.

June 1827