Cowett, Anna, 1797 -

Anna Cowett was born August 25, 1797, the daughter of Richard and Joanna Cowett.  She grew up in the Great Neck portion of Mashpee and was very likely one of the children referenced in the August 1800 and the 1808 censuses of Mashpee performed by Rev. Gideon Hawley and Thomas Tobey, respectively.  By 1818, Anna had married David Wilbur and their daughter, Adeline Wilbur was born that year.  Over the course of their marriage, David and Anna went on to have at least four more children, Dinah, Joseph, Charles F., and James F. Wilbur.  Anna, along with about one hundred others, signed a May 21, 1833 petition complaining of outside interference in governmental and religious affairs at Mashpee.  The following year she was enumerated, at age 37, with her husband and children in an 1834 Mashpee census and was a signatory on the January 1834 Mashpee petition written by William Apes.  Her name was added to that of 288 other Mashpee residents and community members complaining of a number of longstanding grievances against the overseers and the Congregational missionary to the tribe. Anna Wilbur, age 55, was present on the Mashpee lands and enumerated along with her husband and several children in 1848. By 1859, Anna had passed away, leaving David a widower in a household with two of his sons, Joseph and James. Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, Vol. 1; 1800 Mashpee Census, Ms. 48:SPG, Account of Indians, Box 2, Folder 16, Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA; Misc. Bound Docs. 1808, MHS, Boston, MA; Petition of the Mashpee Tribe, House Doc. Senate #14, January 1834; Petition of the Mashpee Indians to the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1834.01.29.00; Bird Report, 1849; Earle Report, 1861

August 25, 1797
before 1860