Charles, Josiah

Josiah Charles (alias Josiah Scadoub) was a member of the Groton Pequot Community.  He and his wife, Jerusha Peters had one daughter, Eunice.  According to Ebenezer Punderson's account book, Charles worked for John Powers and other men of Preston from 1797 to 1807.  In 1800 he and others sold land belonging to the tribe.  Four years later, Charles received lot 102 at Brothertown. In 1811, he returned to New England, where his name appears on a petition supporting the appointment of Colonel Isaac Avery as an overseer to the Groton Pequots.  He died around 1828.  Love, Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England, 338. Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 73.   Statement of Samuel Mott as to His Guardianship of the Groton Pequot Indians, 1811.05.00.00.

Josiah Scadaub
c. 1828