Bellows, Asa, 1762 - 1817

Asa Bellows (June 15, 1762-February 10, 1817) was the son of Ithamar Bellows and Dorcas Andrew of Ledyard, Connecticut.  He served on the Oliver Cromwell as a landsman in 1779.  Bellows was a member of a panel of inquest on the death of Joshua George in April 1800.  Bellows was proposed as an overseer for the Western Pequot in 1811; however, the Connecticut legislature failed to appoint him.  alindasuestandish, LS Tree,  Revolution Rolls and Lists, Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society, Vol. 8, 262. Jury Opinion in the Death of Joshua George, 1800.04.12.00.  Statement of Samuel Mott as to His Guardianship of the Groton Pequot Indians.  1811/05.00.00.

June 15, 1762
February 10, 1817