Avery, Isaac, 1743 - 1812

Colonel Isaac Avery (March 24, 1743-June 17, 1812) was the son of John Avery and Anna Stanton of Preston, Connecticut, and the husband of Mercy Williams, the daughter of William Williams III. Avery participated in the Lexington Alarm and served as a sergeant in Captain James Morgan's Company of the Eight regiment in 1776.  He was Preston's representative to Connecticut General Assembly over a twenty-year period (1789-1789, 1793, 1795, 1797-98, 1806-1809).  The Connecticut Legislature appointed him as an overseer to the Mohegan and the Pequots of Groton in 1797, a position he resigned in 1811.  The General Assembly replaced him with Ebenezer Morgan of Groton. Avery, The Groton Avery Clan, Vol. 1, 174, 277. Find A Grave.  Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 20, 453. Hurd, History of New London County, 603.  PRSC, Vol. 15, 264.

March 24, 1743
June 17, 1812