Pequot, Western

To the Honored Governor,1 Deputy Governor2 with the Rest of the Magistrates and Deputies Now Assembled in General Court at Hartford

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General Assembly, May Session, 1858


That the comptroller be and hereby is directed to draw an order on the state treasury in favor of William Morgan, overseer of the Pequot Tribe of Indians, for the sum of fifteen dollars and thirty cents, the same being the amount of tax paid on the fund of said Indians deposited in the Norwich Savings Society, into the state treasury.

General Assembly, May Session, 1858.  

The Joint Standing Committee on Finance to whom was referred the petition of William Morgan, overseer of Pequot Indians, respectfully report that they have had said petition under consideration, and are of the opinion it ought to be granted and recommend the passage of the accompanying resolution.

All which is respectfully submitted,

Frederick W. Lathrop, Chairman.


To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be holden at New Haven on the first Wednesday of May A.D. 18581

An Act to Protect the Wood on the Lands of the Pequot Tribe of Indians                 

An Act to Protect the Wood on the Lands of the Pequot Tribe of Indians

General Assembly. May Session 1855                                                             

Resolved by this assembly that the comptroller of public accounts be and is hereby authorized to draw an order on the treasury of this state for $25.05 dollars in favor of their joint select committee appointed to investigate the condition of the Pequot Indians of Ledyard.


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