Williams, Ammon

Ammon Quash was the son of Preacher Quash Williams of North Stonington, Connecticut.  He and his wife Mary had six children -- Mary Anne, Charles, Jesse, Delacey, Frank, and Calvin.  The family lived in North Stonington.

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Gardner, Stephen, 1759 - 1825

Stephen Gardner was a Narragansett who married Margaret (Peggy), most likely an Eastern Pequot woman.  The couple had a number of children: Harry, Lucinda, and Clark.  He and his family appear on the 1800 Stonington census with a household of five.  Ten years later, the number grew to seven.  In 1820, his family included Stephen, aged 45 +), his wife Peggy (45+), a boy and two girls under 14, a young man and woman 14-25, two adult males 26-44.  Two people were engaged in agriculture, two in commerce. Stephen died in 1825 and was buried in the David Cemetery in Stonington, Connecticut

Douglas, Charles L.

Originally from Voluntown, Connecticut, Charles L. Douglas married Amanda Nedson on October 1, 1843 in North Stonington, where both he and she had been currently living.  According to her obituary, Amanda indicated that the marriage was not a happy one, and it was ended by separation or Douglas's death.

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