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To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled                

Respectfully represents Rebecca Davis of Boston, that she belongs to the Ponkapog tribe of Indians, that she is over eighty years of age, in feeble health and not able to support herself without a continuance of the aid heretofore from then by this Commonwealth.


We, the subscribers, being mutually chosen by the tribe of Indians at Niantic in Lyme on the one part and Edward ChamplinJoseph Smith, etc., of said Lyme on the other part, to settle and determine a controversy subsisting between said parties respecting a piece of land lying in said Niantic, commonly known by the name of the Upper Hundred Acres, and is part of a large tract of land formerly granted to Joseph

An Act to Protect the Wood on the Lands of the Pequot Tribe of Indians                 

To the Honorable General Assembly now in Session at Hartford in and for the State of Connecticut

Upon the petition of Sarah Poquiantup and Aaron Poquiantup, late of Lyme in New London County, but now of Brothertown in the Oneida County in the State of New York, shewing to this Assembly that they are of the Niantic Tribe of Indians and are owners of a certain piece of land lying in the Town of Lyme, which piece of land they had by decent from their father Isaac Poquiantup and he, the said Isaac, purchased of one Silas Champlin, deed of sale dated January 2 AD 1787, and that they have settled and purchased land in Brothertown, and built a sawmill, and want the avails of said land to purc

To the Honorable the General Assembly to be Holden at Hartford on the second Thursday of May 1818[1]

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford within and for Said State on the Second Thursday of May Next1[1


Upon the petition of Esther Meazon, one of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, shewing to this Assembly that the petitioner is the possessor of a certain piece of land lying in said Mohegan containing about one acre and three-quarters and is bounded northerly by land belonging to Hannah Raymond, westerly and southerly by land belonging to George Raymond, and easterly by land belonging to John Leach, and that she is the sole heir to said piece of land, and that the same has descended to her from the ancient and respectable Uncas family, and that the same is separate more than half a mile from any