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Mr. Thomas Stanton and Mr. Thomas Minor,

Loving and kind friends, your love with the rest of your inhabitants of the 9th of this instant we received for the which care of yours we forthwith presented a copy by the first opportunity to our governor from

whom we lately received a few lines and doth present his respect to your all and gives you many thanks

for your love towards us in so neighborly an information concerning the supposed plot of the Indians,

After this I speak with Eledia, an Indian, concerning the Indian joining with Ninigret, and sending him wampum, he seemed to make light of the matter, but only said they had sent the old Sachem’s gun to Ninigret, which he desired as a remembrance of him by me.

Thomas James

To the Honorable General Assembly of His Majesty’s Colony of Connecticut to be held in New Haven on the second Thursday of this instant October

To the Honorable General Assembly at Hartford the second Thursday of May instant  


To the Honorable General Assembly Now Sitting at Hartford


To the Honorable The General Assembly of His Majesty’s Colony of Connecticut to be holden at New Haven on the Second Thursday of October A.D. 1746


To the Honorable the House of Representatives Now in Session     

The committee to whom was referred the petition of Roger W. Williams, Esq., of Brooklyn beg leave to report that having heard the petitioner relating to the matters set forth in said petition, we are of opinion that the prayer of the petitioner ought to be granted, and on his settling his account as the overseer of1 the heirs of


Upon the petition of Rhoda Charles, one of the Niantic tribe of Indians in Lyme in the County of New London1 dated the 18th day of December, 1810.

To the Honorable General Assembly to be Holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May 18101

We, the subscribers, being a jury of inquest and sworn to enquire and true presentment make how and in what manner Sam Sowas and Mary, his wife, Indians belonging to Stonington, now lying dead before us came to their death.

1To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled