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To the Honorable General Assembly of his Majesty's Colony of Connecticut, to be convened at New Haven, on the second Thursday of October in the year of our Lord 1749

At a meeting of the proprietors of the common undivided land in the Town of Groton held in said Groton, December the 21st, 1732, legally warned

At a General Assembly holden at New Haven, October 10, 1723


At a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the Colony of Connecticut holden at Hartford on the second Thursday of May A.D. 1769


Much Honored and Worthy Gentlemen,

My most observant respects promised.  Almighty God having at this time visited sundry families in our plantation with sickness, and my family amongst the rest and myself particularly with weakness and infirmity.  I do doubt whether I shall be able, and of sufficient strength to wait upon yourselves at this

Appointed by the General Assembly May the 4th, 1664 to hold a court at New London

Major Mason

Mr. Willis

Mr. Wolcott

Mr. Obediah Bruen

Mr. James Avery

The Jury men

     Mr. Wetherell

     Mr. Douglas

     Mr. John Smith

Resolved that a person be forthwith sent to Captain Joseph Minor of Woodbury and from this Assembly order that he inform the sachems or chief Indians of Pootatuck and Owwaenunggannnunck, our friend Indians, that they have liberty to go to hunting, provided the said Indians give a list or account of their names of Pootatuck Indians to said Captain Joseph Minor of the Indians of Owwaenunggannnunck to Captain Stephen Nobles of New Milford, and that they inform said Indians that we don’t give them any liberty of goi

Upon the Petition of Esther Pegee, Josiah Horsecoat, Anne Horsecoat, and Elizabeth Horsecoat, all of Mohegan Tribe of Indians, shewing to this Assembly that the petitioner Esther Pegee is the owner and possessor of a certain lot of land lying in said Mohegan and contains about twenty-five acres, bounded easterly by the River Thames, northerly, westerly, and southerly by Indian lands; and that said Anne, Josiah, Elizabeth Horsecoat are the surviv


To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at New Haven in Said State on the Second Thursday of October Instant1

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May 17891