Report to the Massachusetts General Court on the Laying out of Land for the Pequot

In pursuance of two orders of the General Court of the Massachusetts bearing date May 7, 1662 and May 18, 1664, as also an order of the Commissioners of the United Colonies bearing date 14th [of] September, 1663 for the granting and laying out lands for the Pequot Indians that live under Harman Garrett, alias Cashawashett.  We whose names are under written being thereunto appointed do lay out unto the said Harman Garrett and the Pequot Indians aforesaid, that now live on the east side of Pawcatuck River, two thousand acres of land in the Pequot Country at a place called Cossaduck running two miles square including the hill of Cossaduck on the southerly side thereof being marked out and bounded with marked trees and a small brook on the west side.  Witness our hands the 16th day of June, 1664.

Daniel Gookin                                                                                  

George Denison

                        Endorsement:  Indian lands laid out 1664 per the Court / August 5, 1664 / Entered

                        Legislative Action:             The magistrates have passed this and do approve and allow thereof their brethren the deputies consenting hereto / Edward Rawson, Secretary / August 5, 1664

                                    Consented to by the deputies / William Torrey, Cleric

            Cataloguing:  125