Petition of Daniel and Mary A. Hull

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be held at New Haven in said State on the First Wednesday of May A.D. 18621

The petition of Daniel Hull and Mary A. Hull, his wife, both of the Town and County of New London in said state, respectfully, represents that the said Mary A. Hull is a member of the Pequot Tribe of Indians, located in the Town of Ledyard in said state, and that she is living with her said husband, Daniel Hull, at said New London, without the limits of said tribe, that she is the only living child and heir of Patience Anderson, deceased, whose first husband, and father of the said Mary A. Hull, was a member of said tribe. Your petitioners would further represent, the said Mary A. Hull is suffering from ill health, that she has never received any assistance or income from the property of said tribe, that she is now nearly destitute, of any means of support, and needs her share and interest in property of said tribe to afford her a partial support.  Your petitioners would further represent that the said Mary A. Hull has no children, or other lineal descendants, to whom, at her decease, her said share or interest in the property of said tribe would by law descend.  And your petitioners would further represent, that there are now but thirty-six names remaining upon the roll or list of the members of said tribe, and that there are not at this time more than twenty-six members of said tribe now living.  Your petitioners would further represent that there is now about the sum of seven thousand dollars in money, derived from the sale [ illegible ] of lands, authorized by law, and other sources, belonging to said tribe and about one hundred and seventy one acres of land, remaining unsold, which is valued at about the sum of two thousand dollars; which makes the whole of the property of said tribe, amount to about the sum of nine thousand dollars.  Your petitioners therefore pray Your Honorable Body to pass a special act, giving your petitioners the right and privilege to sell to said tribe, her right, title and interest in and to the real estate of said tribe; and that the share of the personal estate of said tribe, belonging to said Mary A. Hull, be distributed to her: and that some meet person be appointed by Your Honorable Body or by the Superior Court for said New London County, to superintend the sale of her said interest in said real estate and to make a distribution to her of her share of said personal estate, and of the proceeds of the sale of her said share of the sale of said real estate of said tribe or grant her such other and further relief as to the said legislature may deem proper.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

Daniel Hull

Mary A. Hull              

By Josephius R. Merriam, their attorney         

Dated at New London, April 14, 1862



  • 1. The first Wednesday in May 1862 was May 7th.