Bill for an Act to Protect Wood on Pequot Indian Land

An Act to Protect the Wood on the Lands of the Pequot Tribe of Indians                 

Be it enacted by the senate and house of representatives in general assembly convened, that every person, who shall take or draw any wood from the land of the Pequot Tribe of Indians, in the Town of Groton in New London County1 or from the land of any Indian, or Indians, belonging to said tribe, without the permission of the overseer, or overseers, of said tribe, shall forfeit the sum of five dollars for every load of wood so taken, or drawn from said land, whether the same contains more or less than half a cord to be recovered by the overseer, or overseers, of said tribe by an action of debt brought on this statute in the name of such overseer, or overseers, for the use and benefit of said tribe.  And the team, cart, wagon, and other implements, that shall be used in taking or moving said wood, shall be liable to be attached in said action and held to respond the judgment therein in the same manner as if said team, cart, wagon and other implements were the property of the person, or persons guilty of a breach of this act.         

Legislative Action:

Bill for an Act to Protect Wood on Pequot and Stonington Indian Land / House of Representatives, May 1835, Read third time.  Passed, Stillman K. Wightman, Clerk.2  In Senate, 1835, Read third time, Passed,3 Robinson S. Hinman, Clerk / 1 -  26, 2 -  27



  • 1. Crossed out text: or from the land of the Stonington tribe of Indians in the town of Stonington in said County
  • 2. The bill was read a second and third time and passed on the morning of May 25, 1835. "House of Representatives Resolutions," Hartford Courant, June 1, 1835, p. 2.
  • 3. The act was approved May 28, 1835. "Public Statute Laws of the State of Connecticut. Passed May Session, 1835," Hartford Courant, June 22, 1835, p. 1.