Resolution on the Petition of Doctor Philemon Tracy Seeking Compensation for Services Provided a Member of the Eastern Pequot Tribe

Resolved by this assembly that the comptroller1 of public accounts, be and he is hereby directed to draw an order on the treasurer2 of this state, in favor of Doctor Philemon Tracy for the sum of seventy-six dollars and fifty cents for medicine and medical aid by him furnished and rendered to John Miller, a Pequot Indian, and that the treasurer be directed to pay the same.

Legislative Action:

Resolve on Memorial of Doctor Philemon Tracy, Negatived



  • 1. The Comptroller of Connecticut in 1825 was James Thomas of Hartford. He held that position from 1819-1830. Connecticut State Comptroller. Wikipedia.
  • 2. The Treasurer of the State of Connecticut in 1825 was Isaac Spencer. He held that position from 1818 to 1835. Connecticut State Treasurer. Wikipedia.