Memorial of the Proprietors of Wangunk Land in Middletown

To the Honorable General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut now Convened at Hartford in and for Said Colony

The memorial of the subscribers, Indian Natives1 living in said colony and are the major part of the male persons, proprietors to whom the Indian lands, so called, lying at Wangunk in Middletown in the County of Hartford in said colony do now belong, humbly sheweth that the proprietors of said Indian lands are reduced to but a small number, who are considerably scattered in several parts of this colony.  That the state and circumstances of the said proprietors and their said lands is such that your memorialists apprehend it will be much best said lands be sold and the avails thereof be divided among said proprietors in proportion to their respective rights.    

Therefore humbly pray this Honorable Assembly to appoint a wise judicious committee to repair to said Middletown, view the state and circumstances of said Indian land, examine into the title thereof, and also enquire and examine who the Indian proprietors are to whom the same belongs and make report thereof to this Assembly at their session in October next with their opinion of the expediency of making a sale or division of the same with the said proportion that belongs to each of said proprietors respectively.

And your memorialist shall, as in duty bound, ever pray, etc.,

Samuel Ashbow

Gideon Commue

Samuel Robin

James Cusk

David Towsey

Dated at Hartford, May 18, A.D. 1762

Notation:          Memorial / Proprietors Indian lands at Wangunk in Middletown / May 1762

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  • 1. These men represented a number of Wangunk families who had removed to the Tunixs at Farmington, although many of them were not born of Wangunk parents themselves.