Memorandum on Wangunk Land in Middletown (Copy)

Land in Middletown in the County of Hartford in the Corporation of Connecticut, belong to those Indians whose names are underwritten Sepimamus, Joan alias Weckpistick, Machize, Wesumsha, Wamphanck,1 Spunnoe, Tacomkuit, Pashamnas, Massecump, Robin, Rachioskes, Pewampskine, recorded to them and to their heirs forever.2

To one parcel of land on the east side of the Great River, near Wangunk, containing by estimation, fifty acres, be it more or less, abutting on the Great River west, and on other land of theirs east, and on land of Thomas Ranney and a highway south, and on a highway and their own land and the Great River north, with a highway athwart it about the middle of it, of four rods broad.

Another part of this land at Wangunk, containing two hundred and fifty acres, be it more less, abutting west on their own land, and Thomas Ranney’s land, and John Savage’s land, and Nathaniel White’s land, and Anthony Martin’s land, and John Warner’s land, and Samuel Stocking’s, and John Kirby’s land, and east on undivided land at the northeast corner, coming on a plain to a white oak, marked with IT and IA and at the southeast corner on a white oak marked with IH and DS and south on undivided land, having the southwest corner a white oak marked with ITand IA and on the north on land yet undivided. 

May 28, 1673

            Address:           For Mr. Isaac Waterman to be left with Seth Wetmore, Esq.

            Notation:          Mr. Wyllys and Mr. Richards ab[ obscured ]

            Copy:               The foregoing are true copies of record in Middletown, October 20, 1760.  Examined per William Rockwell, Register

  • 1. Rockwell's present transcription differs in two respects from the one he made of the same document on May 11, 1757. His 1760 transcription omits the name Sachamus and changes the name Wamphanack to Wampshandi.
  • 2. In a variant copy, the name Sachamus is included with the other twelve names.