Agreement Between the Town of Middletown and John Savage, Thomas Ranney, Richard Hall, and Daniel White

It was agreed between the town and Ensign White and John Savage and Thomas Ranney, and Richard Hall, that in case the town shall need their lots or any of them lying on the east side the Great River, upon the south of the Wangunk Meadow near the Indians’ land, that they shall be made up as good elsewhere on that side in the undivided land where they shall choose for quantity and quality as three indifferent men shall judge as may not mar the form of lots.

It was also agreed at the same town meeting by the town to gratify the Indians in order to acquit all claims and title to any lands within our bounds, that they shall be either suited with land in undivided land if they like, or in the land they propound for, so they give assurance of all within our bounds from all Indian title or claim as the Honored Gentlemen with whom we left this matter shall agree with them. June 18, 1672.

Copy:               The foregoing are true copies of record in Middletown, October 20, 1760. Examined per William Rockwell, Town Clerk1

Cataloguing:    142     

  • 1. Copies of this document were made by Rockwell in 1760 for the consideration of the memorial of Job Bates and Isaac Waterman.