Survey of the Wangunk Indian Land

These may certify all whom it may concern that I, the subscriber, with the assistance of chain men under oath on the 28th day of September 1756, on the desire of Mr. Samson Howe of Middletown, did in Middletown measure two pieces of land called the Indian land on the east side of the Great River on the neck, so called, One piece is where the meeting house now stands and contains, including the pieces sold and the highways, two hundred and seventy nine acres of land.

The other piece, being at the place called the Indian Hill, and contains in the whole twenty eight acres and one hundred and fifteen rods of land, subtract four acres that Moses Indian1 sold and one acre that Richard Strickland owns, there remains twenty three acres and one hundred and fifteen rods of land to be disposed of, this piece being high land, fit for buildings and conveniences by the Great River, and it being meadow land southward by the river for a mile or a mile and an half to the choir and low meadow land northward for two miles to Glastonbury bounds.

William Welles, Surveyor

            Notation:          Mr. Sampson Howe

            Map Locations:

Plan of Indian at Wangunk



The Great River


                        Howe’s            meadow land

This piece contains 28 acres and 115 rods of land

    half mile lots

  meadow land

country road

            one acre

                                           meeting house                   road or highway



4 acres

                                                The whole of this piece highway within the black lines contains 279 acres

Mr. Bartlett’s 40 acres

            highway 8 rods wide                            Deacon White’s

                                                                        4 ¾ acre

Cataloguing:    139, 140

  • 1. The identity of Moses Indian is unclear, as there are several Wangunk men with that name at this time, i.e., Moses Cushoy, Moses Cumshot, and Moses Moxon. In any event, at another occasion, Moses Indian sold two parcels of land at Indian Hill including his orchards to Thomas Welles of Glastonbury (January 18, 1731). Middletown Land Records 22: 24.