Petition of Freeman Sanders and Other Edgartown Men to the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives

To the Honorable, the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court Assembled                 

The undersigned respectfully represent that whereas they have very recently had the high satisfaction of learning that measures have been adopted by Your Honourable Body tending to the investigation of the Indian guardianship in this (Dukes) County, with a view to determine on the practicability and propriety of abolishing the same, and whereas they believe the said Guardianship to be in several respects an unjust and anti-republican system,1 circumscribing the natural and inalienable rights of its subjects; therefore, they respectfully request that the said Indian guardianship may be utterly abolished with the least possible delay.

And as in duty bound will ever pray,

Edgartown, Massachusetts, February 29, 1840

Legislative Action:

The petition of  Sanders and others, praying for the abolition of the guardianship of the Indians within the County of Duke’s.  E. P. Norton of Edgartown. House of Representatives, March 7, 1840.  Referred to the Committee on the Reduction of Salaries. L. S. Cushing, Clerk



  • 1. Deleted Text: a species of barbarism