Memorial of Phineas Fish to the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled

Your memorialist begs leave to represent, that he has for more than twenty years performed the service of a missionary in the Plantation of Mashpee, where he has exercised his ministry in peace, except that in the course of the last year a party has risen up, composed of another denomination, who have attempted to usurp the occupancy of the parsonage, woodland, and also the meeting house, both of which have always been held for Congregational use.  This is therefore to pray the Court, that said missionary be protected in his privileges and that for the common safety a good and sufficient government may be continued for the inhabitants of the said plantation. 

And as in duty bound will ever pray your humble petitioner.

Phineas Fish, Missionary to the Indians of Mashpee

Mashpee,  December 30, 1833

Twenty-seven Heads of Families and six others hereto annexed unite in wishing my continuance in my office and the engagement of my privileges.

Phineas Fish

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled

We, the subscribers, inhabitants and proprietors of the Plantation of Mashpee1, heads of families and individuals, respectfully show that, whereas unjustifiable and riotous attempts have been made to take away our meeting house and to remove from his office of religious teacher, among us, our pastor, Reverend Phineas Fish, we beg leave to represent, that we are well satisfied with him, and we hereby humbly petition, that our pastor may be protected in the peaceable possession of his accustomed privileges, and be continued to labor among us, as in times past.

And as in duty bound will ever pray.

Heads of Families2

Isaac Holmes                                           
Azubah Amos, her mark
Abigail Moses, her mark
Job Squib, his mark
Peace Squib, mark
Drusilla Low, her mark
Deliverance Nautumpum, her mark
Susan Wickham, her mark
Juba Sever, his mark
Patience Allen, her mark
Abiah Holmes
Naomi Amos
Mehitable Simon
Mercy Taylor
William Taylor
Lydia Squib, her mark
Ruth Gardner, her mark
Andrew Brown, mark
Bash Richards, mark
William Amos
Mercy Odiorne, mark
Nancy Williams, mark
Nancy Amy, her mark
Quam Hazard, mark
Daniel Simon
Narcissa Pocknet
Prince Jackson
Lydia Robinson, her mark
Mehitable West, her mark
Patience Wilbur, her mark

[    illegible    ], I am one that is for going to keep the meeting house

Daniel Pocknet

[    illegible    ], I am one that is for going to keep the meeting house

Joseph Gardner, Jr.3

Legislative Action:

Memorial of Reverend Phineas Fish, a missionary in the Plantation of Mashpee, and the petition of sundry Indians of said Mashpee, praying for a continuance of his privileges and religious instructions among them4 / Nathaniel Hinckley

5House of Representatives, January 29, 1834, Referred to the Committee on Mashpee Indians, Sent up for concurrence, L.S. Cushing, Clerk / In Senate, January 30, 1834, Concurred, Charles Calhoun, Clerk

  • 1. Crossed out text: and Herring Pond
  • 2. Phineas Fish included the total tally as "36".
  • 3. This statement of support and the one above it were attached to the petition on the signatory page.
  • 4. An annotation in pencil suggests that this petition may have been printed.
  • 5. The original document contains some calculations here, possibly vote tallies.