Petition of Joseph Shauquethqueat, Benjamin Waunchnawwet, and David Naunauneekkaunuck to the Massachusetts General Court

The Honorable The Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Humbly shew Joseph Shauquethqueat, Benjamin Waunchnawwet, and David Naunauneekkaunuck, that your petitioners are possessed of a certain tract of land, containing one hundred acres lying on the west side of Housatonic River in the Town of Stockbridge adjoining to land of Elihu Miles, that there is on said land, a convenient spot for building mills which would be of great advantage to the inhabitants in general, as well Indians as White people, that your petitioners, being poor and unable to build, are desirous of selling said land that it may be improved to better advantage than they are able to do, that Mr. Isaac Ball is disposed and has agreed to purchase said land at a reasonable price for the purpose above mentioned, provided your petitioners may obtain liberty of the General Court to sell the same.  Your petitioners, therefore, pray that Your Honors would grant them liberty to sell said land to said Ball and to give and execute a good and lawful deed of the same.

And as in duty bound shall ever pray,                                                

Joseph Shauquethqueat
Benjamin Waunchnawwet
David Naunauneekkaunuck