Memorial of the Eastern Pequot Indians to the Connecticut General Assembly

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be convened at Hartford second Thursday of May instant

The petition of us, the subscribers, Indians of the Pequot Tribe in Stonington humbly sheweth that for several years past they have been destitute of an overseer by reason whereof they have suffered very great inconveniences for there being no person to proportionate the profits of the herbage, etc.  Some of the Indians have had double and triple the profits that they ought to have had while at the same time have refused to pay their proportion of those expenses that are general, that is to say the maintaining of the poor, supporting outside fences, also a very great variety of other matters rendering it absolutely necessary that some person be appointed to superintend our general concerns and that the profits and expenses may be equalized among us.  We therefore pray that some suitable person or persons may be appointed as overseers to us and as there are several of our white neighbors, men of some character, that only want an opportunity to strip us of everything we possess and as we must be supposed to know who are friendly or, at least who we are willing to place confidence in [ crossout ]could wish therefore to have the liberty of choosing our overseers and would propose Mr. Charles Hewitt of Stonington and Elisha Williams, Esq., of Groton1 praying your Honors to appoint them our overseers    We pray your Honors to take the aforesaid matters under your wise consideration and grant us relief and your petitioners in duty bound shall ever pray.

Jacob Sowas, his mark
Mary Hannible
Mary Sowas
P[ illegible ] Peters2
Molly Cinnamon
Ame [ illegible ]

Dated at Stonington, May 5, 1788

Legislative Action: In the Lower House / On this Memorial granted that Captain Stephen Billings of Groton and Mr. Charles Hewitt of Stonington be appointed overseers or superintendents agreeably to the Prayer thereof and that a Bill in Form may be brought in accordingly / Test Jedidiah Strong Clerk / Concurred in the Upper House / Test George Wyllys, Secretary

Endorsement:  Memorial of the Pequot  Indians at Stonington / May 1788 / passed in Lower House / Passed in Upper House / Bill / Passed in Lower House / Passed in Upper House

Cataloguing:     252a, 252b

  • 1. The following is erased:  is the wish of us all, being men able to direct our affairs and who
  • 2. Location within the document suggests that this might be a woman’s name, but the first name is unclear.