Receipt for Schoolhouse Materials


Please to pay and deliver to the care of Joshua Babcock, Esq., nails and glass as follows:

Double tens

three hundred


Single tens

one thousand


Clapboard nails

one thousand eight hundred


Shingle nails

three thousand five hundred


and squares of glass, seven by nine


For the building of a new schoolhouse, about eighteen or twenty feet square, for the Indians in Stonington, attending our lecture there, agreeable to a vote of the Honorable Commissioners,1 in May 1772, all other materials for said house being now in readiness. 

Your most humble servant,                                                 

Joseph Fish

Stonington, October 22, 1773

Address:          To the Honorable Andrew Oliver, Esq.

Reverend Joseph Fish to Governor Trumbull October 1773

            Copy:               Copy

Miscellaneous:             19.3



  • 1. As the local agents for the Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England and parts adjacent in America, referred to more commonly as the New England Company, the Board of Commissioners administered money raised in England for the evangelization of Native Americans.